Just Start Already!!!

I must start by saying this blog is way overdue. Mostly because I toyed with the idea for quite sometime. Being overwhelmed by my busy life didn’t help the situation much either. I also felt a bit of insecurity and anxiety.

Suffice it to say, here I am writing my first entry.


Many people have asked me why do you want to do a blog? More often than not, my answer was “Why not?!” with the rest left to be answered when I actually started.

Anyone who knows me knows I love to cook. My mom is an artist. I cant draw or paint to save my life but cooking was my heart and evidently my art.

In the Beginning… 

From an early age I was in the kitchen making all kinds of things from old recipe books my mom had. Growing up, we had a cook called Gobbles, he was an ex military cook, his hand was sweet like suga.

I  would watch him and ask him questions. He realized I had an interest and any time he did something new, he would call me to watch.

M childhood played a vital role in birthing this culinary creativity.

I began to pursue an education and upon completion of my associate degree, I had an epiphany. My passion was with the actual dining experience as a whole and not just limited to the back of house side.

I wanted to be apart of making a phenomenal experience for guests. It wasn’t just a job for me and still isn’t.


Currently, I’m a proud team player at one of Barbados’s leading Restaurants. Did I mention I was proud?? Like Hell I am! I’m also the owner at The Posh Pout, a mobile retailer of makeup and makeup accessories. Anyone who knows me, knows how obsessed I am with looking good and keeping it stylish, I was even dubbed Posh.

Its for these reasons I believe, I’m qualified to bring this publication to you.

They say do what you love and you’ll never work a day in your life,

They didn’t lie.

Bonne Bouche was conceptualized to highlight avenues for my many passions; gastronomy, service, makeup, and fashion but with heavier emphasis on cuisine .

…I started !! Yay Me!!

Join me on my journey!!

Bon Apetit & Muah!

Lady Banni

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