It means cousin in Spanish

Novelty-  the quality of being new, original or unused.

There is just something about experiencing something new. Whether it be that feeling of fanciness when you’ve just bought an outfit that you know will slay to the Gods and back or the purchase of new makeup while ever cognizant of how on point your face will look with its new highlight, or even that intoxicating, crisp scent synonymous only with a new car that gives you a feeling of accomplishment every time you get in – the novelty is priceless.

I get all giggly, really fussy and super excited with the advent of something new but throw in a little exclusivity and I’m through the roof. Thus one can imagine my reaction to an impromptu invite to Primo Bar and Restaurant which hadn’t officially announced an opening as yet but they were serving. Something new, Somewhere new!

Primo is currently the newest kid on the block but with big kid traits. No stranger to the service industry, Primo formerly Pisces, knows all about the execution of good service and quality food.

First Impressions

If you have ever been to Cin Cin , Primo’s sister restaurant, the one thing that will leave as much of a last impression as it will a first, would be the decor. The decor is phenomenal in both restaurants respectively. I love the fusion of modern and contemporary style with a little eclecticism that is featured in the lounge and bar area. There is a very subtle nautical theme in the design as well. It sounds busy but believe me, its tasteful. My aunt especially loved their large jelly fish pieces which adorned the lounge area. The main dining room however presented a different style, it looked modern rustic. A perfect fit for its immediate environment- the ocean. The restaurant is beautifully designed.

Down to Brass Tax

The menu, though alot like Cin Cin’s, has more of Caribbean sway. One could find Pickled Seacat (octopus) and Breadfruit or even Cou Cou and Flying Fish. Ya can’t get mo’ West Indian dan dat! Though neither of them were my picks, from all accounts, they were delicious.  But when a menu is presented with mussels, immediately my search for which ever course it is presented in, has ceased. I am a sucker for mussels. It took everything within me to stop me from licking my plate. lol.. I’m kidding but it was really good.

Mussels At Primo
Mussels At Primo

To be brutally honest, I struggled with a main course selection. Usually when I dine, the moment I read the menu the first time, I have an inclination of what I may likely choose. This time I was stumped.  Not for a lack of choices but there wasn’t a main course that spiked my eager but curious palate. Eventually, I  chose the Spicy Jambalaya. Though it could have been spicier, it was delicious nevertheless.

IMG_1531 (2)

A white Chocolate Cheesecake with a berry coulis was my choice for dessert; another selection I recognized from Cin Cin’s menu and it was as good as I remembered.

I’ve attached the menu below. Though on my 2nd visit to this restaurant , I realized there were changes on the menus.

PS- Ask for a table upstairs when you book, the view is amazing.

Menu 1
Menu 1

IMG_1545 (2)

My rating is 3.5/5 .(only because my 2nd visit wasn’t as nice as my first )

Would I go back again? Definitely, I had a superb time on my initial visit. Every good restaurant experiences a freak night once in a while.

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