tap.. tap.. Tapas

A victory and a date led me to this place which once housed one of my favorite restaurants. Though not my first time there, I decided to book Tapas to give myself a refresher as I couldn’t exactly recall anything extraordinary from my past dining experiences there.

Tapas is a place where, as the name suggests, one can just have appetizers rather than a full 3 course meal. This is especially inviting to customers who just prefer to have drinks and something light as a prelude to the activities they have planned for the rest of their night. I love that the restaurant is not restrictive with the menus i.e one could order from either menu (a la carte or tapas). This night in particular, I was dining- 3 course meal dining.

One thing that stood with me all these years since my last time there was the fried calamari. I never forgot how good it was and how cheap it was(tapas menu). At that point in time, I wasn’t as well versed in dining as I am now but nevertheless  adventurous. My very first time ever eating Calamari was there. So as I perused the menu  and came across the calamari, I was happy but hesitant to order it. You may ask why I hesitated; I felt like I was young and green then in dining and my now maturing palate may not approve. I continued to look for another option. Then I saw the Mussels. Suffice it to say, there was no more wavering for a starter. As I stated in my previous post, Mussels is always a deal breaker for me. I love Mussels. But the curiosity in me wanted to try the Calamari just to see if it was as good as I remembered. So I encouraged my guest to have it just to satisfy my curiosity unbeknownst to him. A win win situation or so I thought.

THAT BREAD AND AIOLI IS AMAZING!!!!! I literally had to force myself to stop eating the bread and aioli. The aioli was the bomb.

Our starters arrived and we started to eat. Almost instantly, he starts raving about how good it tastes and poor little me, devoured by jealousy as my mussels, though good, were not as good as his calamari. Hahaha! The calamari was really good, perfectly seasoned and not too chewy. They were delicious!

I must admit I am now in the process of creating a palate for wine. I was never really a wine person but after dining with my aunt and her husband, attending wine tastings and even a course, I have a great appreciation for wine and I jump at the chance to try something new. I chose Cuvee du Bailly Cotes de Provence from France. Though I had never had this particular wine. I knew that Cotes de Provence wines were not overly dry and they would pair perfectly with Provencale dishes well.  Hence why I chose it for my Mussels Provencale.  And just like I suspected, they paired like they were made for each other.


I ordered a steak for my Main Course.  An Angus Beef Fillet done medium. It was lovely. The peppercorn sauce was nice but I had to top that beef with a little aioli and MY GAWD!!! It was amazing!!

It was a celebratory dinner and we definitely enjoyed Tapas. The service was good. Alex was our server and he was efficient.

Congrats! 3.5/5

Would have been 4 if he had crumbed the table and cleared the salt and pepper.


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  1. TribalDiva says:

    Veryy good read lovie!


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