My Favorite Face Essentials

As this is officially my first makeup post, I feel the need to say. I am not a makeup artist. I’m learning new things everyday. I’m just a mom who barely has time to slap on some lipstick and move. Thankfully my lashes are done and that’s about the closest to volume I get. Outside of all those factors, makeup is  still very essential. When I wear makeup, I’m suddenly transformed. I have outlined a few of my favorite products to use when I actually have time to do a full face.

Take Care Of Your Skin 

  Somehow I was under the impression that only Caucasians get sun damaged. How clueless! I never wore sun screen and I live in the tropics. Imagine my surprise after my first visit and my dermatologist says my skin is damaged. Skin Damage x Acne = Disaster.                 My Daily/ Nightly go to products include; 

  • Elta MD Foaming Cleanser – leaves your face feeling like a baby’s butt. You can also get it here!
  • Olay All Day Moisturizer with SPF 15 – This came recommended by my dermatologist. She pretty much approves anything Olay.
  • Epiduo (prescription only) most pharmacies have it but it is pricey. Though I’ve only been using this for 5 weeks, I can honestly see a difference in my skin. It has aided in the elimination of blackheads (Thank You Jesus!) and the appearance of zits. My complexion is even clearer. I have had people ask me if I’m using a skin lightening product – I’m not. It’s just evening out my skin tone.

Lashes, Lashes Lashes…

I must have a full set of natural lashes. It is the only constant in my everyday routine. My lashes have to be gorgeous.Chrysalis Lash Studio is solely responsible for turning this basic caterpillar into a beautiful, eyelash batting butterfly. Warning – Eyelash extensions are VERY addictive but who wouldn’t be addicted to looking pretty everyday.

The Basics

I stumbled across the most amazing invention in makeup. I suffer from oily skin and it is a constant struggle to find a way to not look like a greasy fish cake while I’m wearing a full face of makeup. This product has changed my life. It has revolutionized the way my makeup now sits on my face. Introducing SACHA Mattifier Face Primer  Ta Da!!!!! I absolutely love it. Now, I can confidently strut around without having to repeatedly go to the bathroom to powder my nose.

Lipstick Is My Best-friend

The world has been taken over by matte lipsticks in every shape and color. After trying a plethora of brands, I’ve finally ascertained what really tickles my fancy. I love the matte look but I hate the feeling of dry lips. And yes, I know that I can use some type of balm before applying but from my experience with lip moisturizers, they alter the consistency of the lipstick. I prefer to find a lipstick that delivers that gorgeous matte finish without the paper feel. After trial and error, I knew that liquid lipsticks would never suffice.  Careful investigation along with a tight budget, led me to some great lipsticks. I was one of those persons who felt that if it wasn’t Mac, it wasn’t worth it. Boy, I got a wake up call out of this world. These are some of my favs.

  • Reds; Mac Retro Matte in Ruby Woo – I especially love this when I’m sporting a                 short , wavy/curly look.  I swear Toni Braxton is my alter ego.

    There is  just something about this classic red that is timeless and                                            sophisticated.                                                                                                                       BH Cosmetics Color Lock Long Lasting Matte Lipstick in True Heart  – This              delivers bright red hues that are sure to command attention. It has a rich                  creamy formula that stays on FOREVER. I give this one 5 stars because the                 quality of lipstick is easily comparable to that of high end brands and for                 half the price. Definitely a must-have for your make-bag.

    ** Cite Promo     Code  “#ladybanni15” for 15% off your purchase of $40 or more**

  •  Purples; Admittedly, I was hesitant about wearing purple but after trying                                   it and realizing how graciously it complimented my skin tone, it was a                      keeper. Once again,  BH Cosmetics outdid themselves with their                                  ColorLock in Color Passionate. Another great lipstick that I can’t get                           enough of.

    Passionate by Color Lock

                        Ruby Kisses Plum Wine –  The color is so rich and creamy. I wore this at                              Christmas Lunch last year for the first time. It stayed on after the feast                                and all into the night without even having to reapply. Best thing about it is                        its budget friendly.


  • Nude ; I purchased 2 nudes; Velvet Teddy from Mac and Brown Sugar by Ruby Kisses. I prefer the latter, to be brutally honest. I found the velvet teddy was not truly matte at all. Really disappointing,  considering how costly Mac is. The Brown Sugar on the other hand was the right shade of nude (no pinkish undertones), creamy with a perfect matte finish.

Those are just a few of my favorite things. Feel free to share some of your favs and tips on your routine in the comments section below. Don’t forget to redeem your 15% off $40 discount  with my promo “#ladybanni15” over at The Posh Pout. Ends 30/04/2016


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