Treats for under $25

It’s all fine and dandy to dine at fabulous restaurants, taking in the full experience of ambiance, impeccable service and food hand crafted by a Le Cordon Bleu certified Chef but as much as I would love to do that everyday, my pockets are screaming a resounding “Nooooo!!!”. I have cultivated a list of some of my favorite places that deliver incredibly satisfying food that won’t break the bank and are perfect for entertaining a guest.

1. Ackee Tree Restaurant

There is nothing like Caribbean food. It is the embodiment of flavor. Packed with herbs, spices and seasonings, one could easily say we have one of the most delicious genres of food. This is precisely why I have fallen in love with The Ackee Tree Restaurant. Though I have had their Rotis countless times, it was their Saltfish Buljol and Bakes that commenced this love affair. After stumbling across a picture on their Facebook page with Buljol, I just had to have it. It has since become a staple in my diet on Saturdays and thus, after whipping me away with the Buljol, I was much obliged to try the Pickled Shrimp. Often times I’m stuck between a rock and a hard place because both are so good. I never know which one to choose. So now I just get both. The best part is, they are under $21 each.

2. Tapas




As aforementioned in my initial review of Tapas, this restaurant utilizes two menus; an extensive a la carte menu and a tapas  menu. I love the tapas menu because it is budget friendly in a chic, waterside setting. Where else can you find seafood favorites like Deep Fried Calamari or The Salt & Pepper Shrimp for $16. It’s the perfect formula for a casual date or girlfriends lounging over cocktails.

3. Brito’s Eat Fit Avenue

Brito’s Eat Fit Avenue takes the win for breakfast and lunch. It is a new, very modern bistro/café in the Warrens Area. My Followers know how much I like little cozy restaurants. Well, Imagine how much I like cozy little restaurants that are easy on the pockets. The best part is they pride themselves on clean eating while still delivering delicious meals. I thoroughly enjoyed my breakfast there. Scrambled Eggs, Toasts and Sautéed Tomatoes plated  and served on the bar with large cappucino – all for under $21. Not a coffee lover? They have great combinations for fresh fruit juices and smoothies.

4. Pepenero

As previously reviewed, I loved Pepenero for the Mussels($25) and its Bruschetta ($18) – Both conveniently priced and totally satisfying. Located in the luxurious Limegrove Lifestyle Centre, its the perfect place to grab a quick bite while shopping with friends.

5. Rtic Melt Homemade Ice Cream Parlor



There is nothing like homemade ice cream. The quality of Rtic Melt’s ice cream is superb. Nay of ice lumps and rich in flavor with a creamy consistency, it isn’t hard to see why I love this place. The flavors are unique and multifarious as they incorporate both local and international ingredients. On my last trip, I enjoyed a carrot ice cream but the most outlandish flavor I have tried is the Guinness, and that was surprisingly delightful – creamy with the aroma and taste of the Guinness working simultaneously to conquer your taste buds. My 2 year old who possess the sweetest tooth ever, is ecstatic about this parlor. Twenty five bucks will get you 4 generously scooped ice creams  and it’s a party!

It’s a Wrap! If you know of any budget friendly restaurants/food places in Barbados, feel free to leave them in the comments section!

(All prices are in Barbados Dollars.)

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