Cin Cin’s Lunch Special

Tourism is the island’s #1 bread-winner. We thrive on the influx of tourists from all walks of life, trading in the harsh effects of the cold winter for the warmth of the island’s sun, the serenity of our picturesque beaches and the simplicity of island life. Relaxation is paramount and what better place to relax but in Barbados.

The tourist season plummets business for everyone; from the taxi drivers and beach gear operators to hotels and restaurants.

Suffice it to say, as the season intermits, so does business for everyone else. Many places close for the summer and use this time for renovations and vacation for their staff after a very hectic winter season. Others weather the storm, change their target market and compile attractive, economical deals to rally them through the summer months.

For restaurants, those attractive economical deals come in delicious culinary packages donned Summer Specials!!

I saw an ad on Facebook with Cin Cin’s Lunch Special. The power of marketing is amazing. That ad was so visually stimulating and the best part -$89. I knew I had to indulge.

I was particularly intrigued by the presence of mussels on a special menu. It’s unheard of. My first thought was “DEAL DEAL!!” while doing a little happy dance in my head.

Yes, I went and fortunately for me, they were featuring the same menu that I saw advertised. (The menu changes every week.)  I ordered the Chicken Liver Parfait with Melba Toast and Onion Jam. It is the perfect pâté and its super delicious. I enjoyed mine with some Bajan pepper sauce on each morsel only because I like a little kick. But the combination of pate and onion jam alone was  phenomenal to say the least.



Fast forward to my heavily anticipated main course and before I could taste it, my heart sank. There were no mussels. :(. Yes I was heart broken for a quick second, I even felt like going into the walk-in freezer and looking myself. lol. Nevertheless, the chef generously compensated me with more fish and I was a happy camper. This. Was. Delicious. I practically breathed it in because before the cat could lic’ he ear, it was gone. I cant remember what kind of sauce it was exactly but the dish reminded me of a bouillabaisse.


I love the attentiveness of the staff. Cherie-Ann was the hostess with mostest – super accommodating and engaging and she knew I would have worked on Mothers’s Day as this is usually customary for persons who work in the industry so she surprised me with this …..


Great Experience! See you soon!

IMG_5030 (1)


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  1. jabaribanfield says:

    I’ve never been a fan of liver parfait but your descriptions were making my mouth water and give me the feeling to try it again. Sounds like a good deal although I agree no mussels is a bummer.

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    1. ladybanni says:

      I hate livers so at first I was really apprehensive about trying pâté. I was hooked on the first bite. Now, whenever I see it on a menu, I have to have it.


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